Conservative Values

Party Platform

We, the Republican Party of Whatcom County, stand on the shoulders of our nation's founders, affirm each person's God-given rights including Life, Liberty and Property (The pursuit of happiness).

These rights are carefully outlined and protected by the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights and the Washington State Constitution. As our Founding Fathers referred back to their Judeo Christian heritage, we affirm these institutions that have created the greatest nation on earth.


Our nation will be strong only as we value every individual.  Each human life from conception to natural death-their abilities, responsibilities, dignity, freedom and life itself-must be honored.


We support freedom in our economy because freedom works and is always morally better than the tyranny of compulsion.We support freedom of personal compassion.  True charity ultimately benefits those who give as well as those who receive.We support freedom of education choice as essential for families to prepare their children to lead useful and productive lives.  We support freedom through military strength.  Freedom to be strong as a nation gives way for the spread of liberty.

The Pursuit of Happiness.....

Constitutional government protects the life and liberty of every citizen and opens the opportunity of Pursuit of Happiness..

Want to help?

At any given time we could have a number of events  going on  and we always need volunteers to help with events, festivals, signing, etc.  Please reach out if you have some time to offer us.