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At any given time, we literally have dozens of projects, requiring hundreds of volunteers.  An organization like ours requires skills from every walk of life and we do our best to be visible not just at conservative events or Republican events in Whatcom County, but at festivals, community events and other meetings and events within the community.  Whether you’re a farmer who wants to spend an hour pounding signs in the ground, a techie guru who wants to do social media work, or just someone who likes to talk on the phone, YOU CAN HELP!  Contact us today, and we’ll show you how you can help us make a difference in Whatcom County.

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Your local Whatcom County Republican Party is not what you think! The television might tell you that we’re a bunch of old rich white guys, but in fact we are a diverse group of men and women from many different backgrounds, ethnicity and age groups. The Republican Party here in Whatcom County doesn’t conform to the labels you see in the national mainstream media.  We fight for the freedom of all people from our increasingly overreaching Federal and State governments that continue to diminish our rights by the minute; watching over virtually everything we do in every aspect of our lives. Our main goal at the Whatcom County GOP is to work with you to create a better Whatcom County, a better State and a better nation for all of us.

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We know that finding out who represents you can sometimes be a burden but we have tried to make it is as simple as possible for you.  Just click the image above.

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